Important  The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.

The DOT11_DIVERSITY_SUPPORT enumeration specifies the type of antenna diversity supported by a PHY on the 802.11 station.


typedef enum _DOT11_DIVERSITY_SUPPORT {
  dot11_diversity_support_unknown       = 0,
  dot11_diversity_support_fixedlist     = 1,
  dot11_diversity_support_notsupported  = 2,
  dot11_diversity_support_dynamic       = 3


dot11_diversity_support_unknown An uninitialized or unknown diversity support type.
dot11_diversity_support_fixedlist The PHY supports antenna diversity that is performed over the fixed list of antennas defined in the dot11DiversitySelectionRx MIB object. For more information about this MIB object, see OID_DOT11_DIVERSITY_SELECTION_RX.
dot11_diversity_support_notsupported The PHY does not support antenna diversity.
dot11_diversity_support_dynamic The PHY supports antenna diversity and the dynamic control of diversity. The PHY layer management entity (LME) can dynamically modify the list of antennas specified by the dot11DiversitySelectionRx MIB object


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Header windot11.h (include Ndis.h)

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