DOT11_POWER_MODE Enumeration

Important  The Native 802.11 Wireless LAN interface is deprecated in Windows 10 and later. Please use the WLAN Device Driver Interface (WDI) instead. For more information about WDI, see WLAN Universal Windows driver model.
The DOT11_POWER_MODE enumeration defines a power management mode for the PHY on the 802.11 station.


typedef enum _DOT11_POWER_MODE {
  dot11_power_mode_unknown    = 0,
  dot11_power_mode_active     = 1,
  dot11_power_mode_powersave  = 2


dot11_power_mode_unknown Specifies an undefined or uninitialized power mode.
dot11_power_mode_active Specifies an active power mode in which the PHY is always turned on.
dot11_power_mode_powersave Specifies a power-save mode in which the PHY is periodically turned off.


An 802.11 station advertises its power management mode through the Power Management subfield of the Frame Control field in the 802.11 MAC header of transmitted frames. For more information about the Power Management subfield, refer to Clause of the IEEE 802.11-2012 standard.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Header windot11.h (include Ndis.h)

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