InitializePrintMonitor function

The InitializePrintMonitor function is obsolete and is supported only for compatibility purposes. New print monitors should implement InitializePrintMonitor2 so that they can be used with print server clusters.

A print monitor's InitializePrintMonitor function initializes a print monitor.


LPMONITOREX InitializePrintMonitor(
  LPWSTR pRegistryRoot



Caller-supplied pointer to a string identifying a registry path that the print monitor can use to store monitor-specific values.

Return Value

If the operation succeeds, the function should return a pointer to a MONITOREX structure. Otherwise the function should call SetLastError (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation) to set an error code, and return NULL.


The InitializePrintMonitor function must be exported by language monitors and by port monitor server DLLs. The function is called immediately after the monitor DLL is loaded, and is not called again until the DLL is reloaded. Its purposes are to allow the monitor to initialize itself, and to provide the spooler with pointers to internal monitor functions. Function pointers are contained in a MONITOR structure, which is referenced through the MONITOREX function.

The pRegistryRoot parameter supplies a pointer a string representing the path to a MonitorName registry key, where MonitorName is the monitor name that was specified when the spooler's AddMonitor function was called to add the monitor. The monitor can use this key to store monitor-specific value names and values. When the spooler's DeleteMonitor function is called, the spooler deletes the MonitorName key and all values stored underneath it. (The AddMonitor and DeleteMonitor functions are described in the Windows SDK documentation.)


Target Platform Desktop
Header winsplp.h (include Winsplp.h)

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