PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification function

The print spooler's PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification function allows a print provider to update the spooler's database of printer changes associated with a notification handle.


BOOL PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification(
  HANDLE                    hPrinter,




Return Value

If the operation succeeds, the function returns TRUE. Otherwise the function returns FALSE. The caller can obtain an error code by calling GetLastError.


For the specified notification handle, the spooler's PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification function adds the contents of the specified PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO_DATA structure to the array within the spooler's stored PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO structure. (These structures are described in the Windows SDK documentation.)

Calling PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification does not cause the spooler to notify the application that changes have occurred. If the print provider's FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function did not set the PRINTER_NOTIFY_STATUS_POLL flag, the provider must call ReplyPrinterChangeNotification to cause the application to be notified.

If pInfoDataSrc is NULL, all stored information associated with the specified handle is deleted from the spooler. The function accomplishes this deletion by freeing all buffers associated with pBuf members of PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO_DATA structures belonging to the specified handle. The function then sets the PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO_DISCARDED flag in the stored PRINTER_NOTIFY_INFO structure.

For additional information, see Supporting Printer Change Notifications.


Target Platform Desktop
Header winsplp.h (include Winsplp.h)
Library Spoolss.lib
DLL Spoolss.dll

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