UpdatePrintDeviceObject function


Starting with Windows 10, the APIs which support third-party print providers are deprecated. Microsoft does not recommend any investment into third-party print providers. Additionally, on Windows 8 and newer products where the v4 print driver model is available, third-party print providers may not create or manage queues which use v4 print drivers.

The UpdatePrintDeviceObject function updates the properties of a device object that is in the print provider queue.


HRESULT UpdatePrintDeviceObject(
  HANDLE hPrinter,
  HANDLE hDeviceObject



The HANDLE to an open printer. This should be a handle that was returned by the AddPrinter or OpenPrinter spooler functions.


The HANDLE to the device object to be updated. This should be a device object that was created with AddPrintDeviceObject.

Return Value

The UpdatePrintDeviceObject function returns S_OK, if the properties of the device object were updated successfully. Otherwise it returns an error.

For example, this function can return HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE), if the function call was made with an invalid HANDLE, or the device object was removed before the function call was made.


The PRINTER_INFO_2 structure is a good example of the kind of properties that UpdatePrintDeviceObject can update.


Target Platform Desktop
Header winsplp.h (include Winspool.h)
Library WinSpool.lib
DLL WinSpool.drv

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