MONITORREG structure

The MONITORREG structure supplies print monitors with the address of registry functions to use instead of Win32 registry API functions.


typedef struct _MONITORREG {
  DWORD cbSize;
  LONG()(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszSubKey,DWORD dwOptions,REGSAM samDesired,PSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES pSecurityAttributes,HKEYMONITOR *phckResult,PDWORD pdwDisposition,HANDLE hSpooler) * fpCreateKey;
  LONG()(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszSubKey,REGSAM samDesired,HKEYMONITOR *phkResult,HANDLE hSpooler) * fpOpenKey;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpCloseKey;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszSubKey,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpDeleteKey;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,DWORD dwIndex,LPTSTR pszName,PDWORD pcchName,PFILETIME pftLastWriteTime,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpEnumKey;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,PDWORD pcSubKeys,PDWORD pcbKey,PDWORD pcValues,PDWORD pcbValue,PDWORD pcbData,PDWORD pcbSecurityDescriptor,PFILETIME pftLastWriteTime,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpQueryInfoKey;
  LONG()(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszValue,DWORD dwType, const BYTE *pData,DWORD cbData,HANDLE hSpooler) * fpSetValue;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszValue,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpDeleteValue;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,DWORD dwIndex,LPTSTR pszValue,PDWORD pcbValue,PDWORD pTyp,PBYTE pData,PDWORD pcbData,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpEnumValue;
  LONG( )(HKEYMONITOR hcKey,LPCTSTR pszValue,PDWORD pType,PBYTE pData,PDWORD pcbData,HANDLE hSpooler) *fpQueryValue;



Size, in bytes, of the MONITORREG structure.


Pointer to a CreateKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to an OpenKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to a CloseKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to a DeleteKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to an EnumKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to a QueryInfoKey spooler registry function.


Pointer to a SetValue spooler registry function.


Pointer to a DeleteValue spooler registry function.


Pointer to an EnumValue spooler registry function.


Pointer to a QueryValue spooler registry function.


The MONITORREG structure's address is supplied in a MONITORINIT structure, which is passed to a print monitor's InitializePrintMonitor2 function.

When storing port configuration information, print monitors must not explicitly call either the Win32 registry API or the cluster registry API.

Instead, they must call equivalent spooler registry functions. The MONITORREG structure supplies the addresses of these functions. The following table lists each spooler registry function and its equivalent cluster registry function.

Spooler Registry Function Equivalent Cluster Registry Function
CreateKey ClusterRegCreateKey
OpenKey ClusterRegOpenKey
CloseKey ClusterRegCloseKey
DeleteKey ClusterRegDeleteKey
EnumKey ClusterRegEnumKey
QueryInfoKey ClusterRegQueryInfoKey
SetValue ClusterRegSetValue
DeleteValue ClusterRegDeleteValue
EnumValue ClusterRegEnumValue
QueryValue ClusterRegQueryValue

Input and output parameters for these spooler functions match the parameters of the equivalent cluster registry functions in the clusapi.h header, with the following exceptions:

  • Each spooler registry function requires an hSpooler input parameter. This is the spooler handle received in the MONITORINIT structure.

  • The spooler registry functions use HANDLE and PHANDLE parameter types instead of the HKEY and PHKEY types used by the cluster registry functions. Monitors receive the handle of the root registry location in the hckRegistryRoot member of the MONITORINIT structure.


Header winsplp.h (include Winsplp.h)

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