FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function


Starting with Windows 10, the APIs which support third-party print providers are deprecated. Microsoft does not recommend any investment into third-party print providers. Additionally, on Windows 8 and newer products where the v4 print driver model is available, third-party print providers may not create or manage queues which use v4 print drivers.

A print provider's FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function informs the provider that an application has requested notification when a specified set of events occur on a specified print queue.


BOOL FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification(
   HANDLE hPrinter,
   DWORD  fdwFlags,
   DWORD  fdwOptions,
   HANDLE hNotify,
   PDWORD pfdwStatus,
   PVOID  pPrinterNotifyOptions,
   PVOID  pPrinterNotifyInit



Caller-supplied printer handle, identifying the printer for which event notification is being requested. This handle must have been previously obtained from OpenPrinter (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation).



Not used.


Caller-supplied pointer to a PRINTER_NOTIFY_OPTIONS structure (described in the Windows SDK documentation).

Return Value

If the operation succeeds, the function should return TRUE. Otherwise the function should return FALSE.


When the spooler calls a print provider's FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification function, fdwFlags identifies the printer events for which notification is being requested. Additionally, pPrinterNotifyOptions identifies the types of information that the print provider should send to the spooler when one of the specified events occurs.

For a list of the types of notifications an application can request, and for a list of the types of information that can be used to describe an event, see the Windows SDK documentation's description of FindFirstPrinterChangeNotification. Types of events for which an application might request notification include adding or deleting a print job or form. Types of information an application might request include job or form parameters.

If the print provider does not request polling (that is, it does not set PRINTER_NOTIFY_STATUS_POLL in pfdwStatus), it must notify the spooler when events identified by pfwFlags occur. The print provider must supply the types of information identified by pPrinterNotifyOptions, by calling PartialReplyPrinterChangeNotification or ReplyPrinterChangeNotification.

If the provider does request polling (that is, it sets PRINTER_NOTIFY_STATUS_POLL), it should not call ReplyPrinterChangeNotification. Instead, the spooler signals the application at regular intervals.

Both polled and nonpolled print provider must return the current state of all requested information types whenever its RefreshPrinterChangeNotification function is called.

For additional information, see Supporting Printer Change Notifications.


Target Platform Desktop
Header winspool.h (include Winspool.h)
Library WinSpool.lib
DLL WinSpool.drv

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