IRemoteTargetCallbackRemoval::OnRemoteTargetRemoveCanceled method

[Warning: UMDF 2 is the latest version of UMDF and supersedes UMDF 1. All new UMDF drivers should be written using UMDF 2. No new features are being added to UMDF 1 and there is limited support for UMDF 1 on newer versions of Windows 10. Universal Windows drivers must use UMDF 2. For more info, see Getting Started with UMDF.]

A UMDF-based driver's OnRemoteTargetRemoveCanceled event callback function performs operations that are necessary when the operating system cancels the removal of a remote I/O target's device.


void OnRemoteTargetRemoveCanceled(
  IWDFRemoteTarget *pWdfRemoteTarget



A pointer to the IWDFRemoteTarget interface of a remote target object that represents a remote I/O target. The driver obtains this pointer when it calls IWDFDevice2::CreateRemoteTarget.

Return Value



If your driver provides an OnRemoteTargetRemoveCanceled event callback function, the callback function must do the following:

  1. Call IWDFRemoteTarget::Reopen.

  2. Do any driver-specific actions that your driver requires to restart I/O to the remote I/O target.

If the driver does not provide this callback function, the framework calls IWDFRemoteTarget::Reopen for the driver.

For more information about the OnRemoteTargetRemoveCanceled event callback function, see Controlling a General I/O Target's State in UMDF.


End of support Unavailable in UMDF 2.0 and later.
Target Platform Desktop
Minimum UMDF version 1.9
Header wudfddi.h (include Wudfddi.h)

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