xpsrassvc.h header

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  • Print devices xpsrassvc.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IXpsRasterizationFactory The IXpsRasterizationFactory interface represents an object factory for creating XPS rasterizer objects.
IXpsRasterizationFactory1 In Windows 8, the improvement of XPSRas to handle high precision colors has led to the development of a new interface, IXPSRasterizationFactory1.
IXpsRasterizationFactory2 In Windows 10, the IXpsRasterizationFactory2 interface represents an object factory for creating components that can convert content from XPS to PWG Raster using the XPS Rasterization Service. PWG Raster supports non-square DPIs.
IXpsRasterizer The IXpsRasterizer interface represents an XPS rasterizer that can create a bitmap image of an XPS fixed page or of a rectangular region of a fixed page.
IXpsRasterizerNotificationCallback The IXpsRasterizerNotificationCallback interface enables the XPS rasterization service to determine whether to continue a rasterization operation that was previously initiated by an XPSDrv filter.


Title Description
XPSRAS_BACKGROUND_COLOR XPSRAS_BACKGROUND_COLOR specifies the background clear color to be used by an XPS rasterizer.
XPSRAS_PIXEL_FORMAT XPSRAS_PIXEL_FORMAT allows a caller to select the pixel format used by the IWICBitmap interface that is returned by the IXpsRasterizer::RasterizeRect method. XPSRAS_PIXEL_FORMAT is provided with Windows 8 and later versions of Windows.
XPSRAS_RENDERING_MODE The XPSRAS_RENDERING_MODE enumeration specifies the rendering mode to be used by an XPS rasterizer.