IXpsRasterizerNotificationCallback::Continue method

The Continue method tells the caller (the XPS rasterization service) whether to continue rasterizing the current XPS fixed page.


HRESULT Continue(



This method has no parameters.

Return Value

Continue returns S_OK to enable rasterization to continue. Otherwise, the method returns an error code to abort rasterization. Possible error return values include:

Return code Description
The current print job has been canceled.


This method is implemented by an XPSDrv filter. During a page rasterization operation, the XPS rasterization service periodically calls this method to determine whether to continue the operation.

To begin a page rasterization operation, the XPSDrv filter calls the IXpsRasterizer::RasterizeRect method. With this call, the filter can, as an option, supply a pointer to an IXpsRasterizerNotificationCallback interface instance. If supplied, RasterizeRect will periodically call the Continue method on this interface during the processing of the RasterizeRect call. If Continue returns a success code, RasterizeRect continues with the rasterization operation in progress. If Continue returns an error code, RasterizeRect aborts the rasterization operation and returns immediately.

If the user cancels a print job or if an error occurs during the processing of a print job, the pipeline manager calls the XPSDrv filter's IPrintPipelineFilter::ShutdownOperation method to shut down the filter. Typically, the filter can complete the shutdown in a more timely way if it implements the Continue method and supplies an IXpsRasterizerNotificationCallback pointer to RasterizeRect.

For an example implementation of the Continue method, see the XpsRasFilter sample in the WDK. This sample is located in the Src\Print\Xpsrasfilter folder in your WDK installation.


Minimum supported client Supported in Windows 7 and later versions of the Windows operating system.
Target Platform Desktop
Header xpsrassvc.h

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