IXpsRasterizationFactory interface

The IXpsRasterizationFactory interface represents an object factory for creating XPS rasterizer objects. Rasterizer objects created by the factory implement IXpsRasterizer interfaces. An XPSDrv filter uses a rasterizer object to convert an XPS fixed page to one or more bitmap images.

An XPSDrv filter obtains a reference to an IXpsRasterizationFactory interface instance from the property bag received from the print filter pipeline manager. The pipeline manager calls the filter's IPrintPipelineFilter::InitializeFilter method and passes in an IPrintPipelinePropertyBag pointer. The interface reference is a VT_UNKNOWN property value that is identified by the property name MS_IXpsRasterizationFactory.


The IXpsRasterizationFactory interface has these methods.

Method Description
IXpsRasterizationFactory::CreateRasterizer The CreateRasterize method creates an XPS rasterizer object.


Target Platform Windows
Header xpsrassvc.h