Specifies the color space for video processing.


  UINT Usage : 1;
  UINT RGB_Range : 1;
  UINT YCbCr_Matrix : 1;
  UINT YCbCr_xvYCC : 1;
  UINT Nominal_Range : 2;
  UINT Reserved : 26;



        Specifies whether the output is intended for playback or video processing (such as editing or authoring). The device can optimize the processing based on the type. The default state value is 0 (playback). 
Value Meaning
0 Playback
1 Video processing

        Specifies the RGB color range. The default state value is 0 (full range).
Value Meaning
0 Full range (0-255)
1 Limited range (16-235)

        Specifies the YCbCr transfer matrix. The default state value is 0 (BT.601).
Value Meaning
0 ITU-R BT.601
1 ITU-R BT.709

        Specifies whether the output uses conventional YCbCr or extended YCbCr (xvYCC). The default state value is zero (conventional YCbCr).
Value Meaning
0 Conventional YCbCr
1 Extended YCbCr (xvYCC)

        [in] A UINT value that specifies that the luminance range of YUV data is described by the <a href="https://docs.microsoft.com/windows-hardware/drivers/ddi/d3d10umddi/ne-d3d10umddi-d3d11_1ddi_video_processor_nominal_range">D3D11_1DDI_VIDEO_PROCESSOR_NOMINAL_RANGE</a> enumeration. The default state value is zero, which indicates the studio luminance range of 16 to 235, inclusive [16, 235].

When YUV-format data is converted to RGB format, the luminance range specified by D3D11_1DDI_VIDEO_PROCESSOR_NOMINAL_RANGE is applied to the YUV data before the conversion to RGB.

For more information on luminance range, see YUV format ranges in Windows 8.1.

Supported starting with Windows 8.1.


        Reserved for system use. Set to zero.


Minimum supported client Windows 8
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012
Header d3d10umddi.h (include D3d10umddi.h)
## See Also

    <a href="https://docs.microsoft.com/windows-hardware/drivers/ddi/d3d10umddi/ne-d3d10umddi-d3d11_1ddi_video_processor_nominal_range">D3D11_1DDI_VIDEO_PROCESSOR_NOMINAL_RANGE</a>