DXGK_QUERYSEGMENTOUT3 structure (d3dkmddi.h)

Describes memory-segment information that a Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 or later display miniport driver should return from a call to its DxgkDdiQueryAdapterInfo function.


typedef struct _DXGK_QUERYSEGMENTOUT3 {
  UINT                    NbSegment;
  DXGK_SEGMENTDESCRIPTOR3 *pSegmentDescriptor;
  UINT                    PagingBufferSegmentId;
  UINT                    PagingBufferSize;
  UINT                    PagingBufferPrivateDataSize;



[out] The number of memory segments that the driver supports.


[out] An array of DXGK_SEGMENTDESCRIPTOR3 structures that the driver populates with information about the segments it supports. The size of the array is the value that NbSegment specifies.


[out] The identifier of the segment that the video memory manager should allocate the paging buffer from. This segment must be an aperture segment.


[out] The size, in bytes, that the video memory manager should allocate for the paging buffer.


[out] The size, in bytes, of the driver-resident private data structure that is associated with each paging buffer. Memory for this private data structure is allocated from nonpaged pool. If the driver specifies zero for PagingBufferPrivateDataSize, no memory is allocated for the private data structure.

The private data structure that is associated with a paging buffer is initialized to zero when the paging buffer is created. During the lifetime of the paging buffer, the video memory manager never accesses the private data structure that is associated with the paging buffer.


This structure is used by the display miniport driver to return information about memory segments in response to a DxgkDdiQueryAdapterInfo function call in which the graphics subsystem specifies the DXGKQAITYPE_QUERYSEGMENT3 value in the Type member of the DXGKARG_QUERYADAPTERINFO structure.

The video memory manager allocates a paging buffer either from an aperture segment (if the PagingBufferSegmentId member identifies the segment) or as a contiguous write-combined memory block (if PagingBufferSegmentId is set to 0). If PagingBufferSegmentId is set to 0, the GPU must access direct memory access (DMA) buffers by using PCI cycles on systems where AGP transfers that occur outside the AGP aperture are not permitted.


Minimum supported client Windows 8
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012
Header d3dkmddi.h

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