IDebugSymbols2::OutputTypedDataVirtual method (dbgeng.h)

The OutputTypedDataVirtual method formats the contents of a variable in the target's virtual memory, and then sends this to the output callbacks.


HRESULT OutputTypedDataVirtual(
  [in] ULONG   OutputControl,
  [in] ULONG64 Offset,
  [in] ULONG64 Module,
  [in] ULONG   TypeId,
  [in] ULONG   Flags


[in] OutputControl

Specifies the output control used to determine which output callbacks can receive the output. See DEBUG_OUTCTL_XXX for possible values.

[in] Offset

Specifies the location in the target's virtual address space of the variable.

[in] Module

Specifies the base address of the module containing the type.

[in] TypeId

Specifies the type ID of the type.

[in] Flags

Specifies the formatting flags. See DEBUG_TYPEOPTS_XXX for possible values.

Return value

This method may also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Return code Description
The method was successful.


The output produced by this method is the same as for the debugger command DT. See dt (Display Type).

For more information about types, see Types. For more information about output, see Input and Output.


Target Platform Desktop
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)