IDebugAdvanced2 interface


The IDebugAdvanced2 interface inherits from IDebugAdvanced. IDebugAdvanced2 also has these types of members:


The IDebugAdvanced2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDebugAdvanced2::FindSourceFileAndToken The FindSourceFileAndToken method returns the filename of a source file on the source path or return the value of a variable associated with a file token.
IDebugAdvanced2::GetSourceFileInformation The GetSourceFileInformation method returns specified information about a source file.
IDebugAdvanced2::GetSymbolInformation The GetSymbolInformation method returns specified information about a symbol.
IDebugAdvanced2::GetSystemObjectInformation The GetSystemObjectInformation method returns information about operating system objects on the target.
IDebugAdvanced2::GetThreadContext The GetThreadContext method returns the current thread context.
IDebugAdvanced2::Request The Request method performs a variety of different operations.
IDebugAdvanced2::SetThreadContext The SetThreadContext method sets the current thread context.


Target Platform Windows
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)

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