IDebugOutputCallbacks2 interface

The IDebugOutputCallbacks2 interface allows clients to receive full debugger markup language (DML) content for presentation.

This interface extends the IDebugOutputCallbacks interface, not the IDebugOutputCallbacksWide interface. Therefore, it can be passed in to the existing SetOutputCallbacks method.

The engine performs a QueryInterface for IDebugOutputCallbacks2 to see which interface the incoming output callback object supports. If the object supports IDebugOutputCallbacks2, all output will be sent through the extended IDebugOutputCallbacks2 methods.

An output object can register for both text and DML content, if it can handle them both. During output processing of the callback the engine will pick the format that reduces conversions, thus supporting both may reduce conversions in the engine. It is not necessary, though, and supporting only one format is the expected mode of operation.

The basic IDebugOutputCallbacks::Output method is not used.


The IDebugOutputCallbacks2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDebugOutputCallbacks2::Output2 Returns notifications for the IDebugOutputCallbacks2 interface.
IDebugOutputCallbacks2::GetInterestMask Allows the callback object to describe which kinds of output notifications it wants to receive.
IDebugOutputCallbacks2::Output This method is not used.


Target Platform Windows
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)

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