DXGK_BRIGHTNESS_SET_3 callback function (dispmprt.h)

DxgkBrightnessSet3 Directs the driver to linearly ramp the brightness from its current brightness level to a target brightness level over a specified length of time. A set brightness transition can be interrupted by a new DxgkBrightnessSet3 call. The driver should transition from the current brightness level in the interrupted ramp.


DXGK_BRIGHTNESS_SET_3 DxgkBrightnessSet3;

NTSTATUS DxgkBrightnessSet3(
  [in] PVOID Context,
  [in] ULONG ChildUid,


[in] Context

Context pointer provided when querying the interface.

[in] ChildUid

An integer that uniquely identifies the child device. The display miniport driver's DxgkDdiQueryChildRelations function previously provided this identifier to the display port driver.

[in] pIn

A DXGK_BRIGHTNESS_SET_IN structure that contains the input parameters for the set brightness call.

Return value

Return STATUS_SUCCESS if the operation succeeds. Otherwise, return an appropriate NTSTATUS Values error code defined in ntstatus.h.


Header dispmprt.h