IMXF interface

The IMXF interface represents the DirectMusic stream on a MIDI transport filter (MXF). The DMus miniport driver implements this interface and exposes it to the DMus port driver. MIDI transport occurs through IMXF, which is the DMus miniport driver's primary interface for managing DirectMusic streams. The DMus port driver uses this interface to manage a DirectMusic stream on a MIDI transport filter (MXF). The miniport driver creates a stream object with this interface when the port driver calls the miniport driver's IMiniportDMus::NewStream method. IMXF inherits from the IUnknown interface.

The IAllocatorMXF and ISynthSinkDMus interfaces both inherit from IMXF. For information about using these interfaces to manage MIDI streams, see MIDI Transport.


The IMXF interface inherits from the IUnknown interface.


The IMXF interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMXF::ConnectOutput The ConnectOutput method connects this IMXF interface with the sink specified by the pSinkMXF parameter.
IMXF::DisconnectOutput The DisconnectOutput method disconnects this IMXF interface from the synth sink or capture sink.
IMXF::PutMessage The PutMessage method passes a DMUS_KERNEL_EVENT structure to its next destination.
IMXF::SetState The SetState method is used to set the state of the MIDI transform interface.


Target Platform Windows
Header dmusicks.h