dmusprop.h header

This header is used by audio. For more information, see:

  • Audio dmusprop.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
SYNTH_BUFFER The SYNTH_BUFFER structure specifies DLS data that is being downloaded to a synthesizer.
SYNTH_PORTPARAMS The SYNTH_PORTPARAMS structure contains the configuration parameters for a DirectMusic port, which is a DirectMusic term for a device that sends or receives music data.
SYNTH_REVERB_PARAMS The SYNTH_REVERB_PARAMS structure contains configuration parameters.
SYNTH_STATS The SYNTH_STATS structure specifies synthesizer performance statistics such as the number of voices playing, CPU usage, number of notes lost, amount of free memory, and peak volume level.
SYNTHCAPS The SYNTHCAPS structure specifies the capabilities of a synthesizer.
SYNTHDOWNLOAD The SYNTHDOWNLOAD structure specifies a handle for downloaded DLS data. It also specifies whether the buffer containing the DLS data can be freed.
SYNTHVOICEPRIORITY_INSTANCE The SYNTHVOICEPRIORITY_INSTANCE structure identifies a voice in a MIDI synthesizer by specifying the voice's channel group (set of 16 MIDI channels) and its channel number within that group.