IDrmAudioStream::SetContentId method (drmk.h)

The SetContentId method sets the DRM content ID and its assigned DRM content rights on a KS audio stream.


NTSTATUS SetContentId(
  [in] ULONG       ContentId,
  [in] PCDRMRIGHTS DrmRights


[in] ContentId

Specifies the DRM content ID. This parameter is an identifier that the DRM system generates at run time to identify DRM-protected content in this stream.

[in] DrmRights

Pointer to a DRMRIGHTS structure specifying the rights granted by the content provider to the user for playing and copying DRM-protected content in this stream.

Return value

SetContentId returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the call was successful. Otherwise, the method returns an appropriate error code. If the filter cannot enforce the specified content rights, the method returns STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.


The DRM system can call the SetContentId method at any time during the lifetime of a KS audio stream.

A KS audio filter completes the execution of a call to the SetContentId method synchronously. If the function returns STATUS_SUCCESS, this indicates that all the downstream KS audio nodes (see Audio Topology Nodes) of a KS audio stream have also been successfully configured with the specified DRM content ID and DRM content rights. (The term downstream node refers to either a direct or an indirect sink for an audio stream.)

If the KS audio filter cannot enforce the specified DRM content rights, the SetContentId method returns the error code STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED. In this case, the KS audio stream's previously set DRM content ID and DRM content rights remain set on the stream.

For more information about using this method, see Digital Rights Management.


Target Platform Universal
Header drmk.h (include Drmk.h)

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