HidD_SetFeature function (hidsdi.h)

The HidD_SetFeature routine sends a feature report to a top-level collection.


BOOLEAN HidD_SetFeature(
  [in] HANDLE HidDeviceObject,
  [in] PVOID  ReportBuffer,
  [in] ULONG  ReportBufferLength


[in] HidDeviceObject

An open handle to a top-level collection.

[in] ReportBuffer

Pointer to a caller-allocated feature report buffer that the caller uses to specify a HID report ID.

For more information about this parameter, see the Remarks section.

[in] ReportBufferLength

The size of the report buffer in bytes. The report buffer must be large enough to hold the feature report plus one additional byte that specifies a nonzero report ID. If report ID is not used, the ID value is zero.

Return value

If HidD_SetFeature succeeds, it returns TRUE; otherwise, it returns FALSE. Use GetLastError to get extended error information.


The correct ReportBufferLength is specified by the FeatureReportByteLength member of a top-level collection's HIDP_CAPS structure returned from HidP_GetCaps call.

Before it calls the HidD_SetFeature routine, the caller must do the following:

For an example of how to prepare and a HID report and send it to a top-level collection, see the HClient sample application.

Only user-mode applications can call HidD_SetFeature. Kernel-mode drivers can use an IOCTL_HID_SET_OUTPUT_REPORT request.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows.
Target Platform Universal
Header hidsdi.h (include Hidsdi.h)
Library Hid.lib
DLL Hid.dll

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