KsAllocateDefaultClock function (ks.h)

The KsAllocateDefaultClock function allocates and initializes the default clock structure.


KSDDKAPI NTSTATUS KsAllocateDefaultClock(
  [out] PKSDEFAULTCLOCK *DefaultClock


[out] DefaultClock

Specifies the caller-allocated shared default clock structure. The current time is set to zero and the state is set to KSSTATE_STOP. Upon successful completion of this routine, the structure indicated by this pointer will contain a reference to the default clock. The data returned should be treated as opaque and reserved for system use.

Return value

The KsAllocateDefaultClock function returns STATUS_SUCCESS if successful, or a memory error if unsuccessful.


The internal DefaultClock.ReferenceCount element is initialized to one by the KsAllocateDefaultClock function. The element is incremented and decremented as each notification DPC is queued and completed. When the structure is to be freed, the element is used to determine if the owner of the clock should free the structure or if a pending DPC should free it asynchronously.

When the clock is no longer needed, the driver must call KsFreeDefaultClock to release any resources allocated for use with the clock.


Target Platform Universal
Header ks.h (include Ks.h)
Library Ks.lib

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