PCREATE_PROCESS_NOTIFY_ROUTINE callback function (ntddk.h)

Process-creation callback implemented by a driver to track the system-wide creation and deletion of processes against the driver's internal state.

Warning  The actions that you can perform in this routine are restricted for safe calls. See Best Practices.



void PcreateProcessNotifyRoutine(
  [in] HANDLE ParentId,
  [in] HANDLE ProcessId,
  [in] BOOLEAN Create


[in] ParentId

The process ID of the parent process.

[in] ProcessId

The process ID of the process.

[in] Create

Indicates whether the process was created (TRUE) or deleted (FALSE).

Return value



Highest-level drivers call PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine to register their process-creation notify routines.

A driver's process-notify routine is also called with Create set to FALSE, typically when the last thread within a process has terminated and the process address space is about to be deleted.

The operating system calls the driver's process-notify routine at PASSIVE_LEVEL inside a critical region with normal kernel APCs disabled. When a process is created, the process-notify routine runs in the context of the thread that created the new process. When a process is deleted, the process-notify routine runs in the context of the last thread to exit from the process.


Minimum supported client Available starting with Windows 2000.
Target Platform Universal
Header ntddk.h (include Ntddk.h)

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