MmSecureVirtualMemoryEx function (ntddk.h)

This routine probes the requested address range and protects the specified address range from having its protection made more restrictive and being deleted.


HANDLE MmSecureVirtualMemoryEx(
  PVOID  Address,
  SIZE_T Size,
  ULONG  ProbeMode,
  ULONG  Flags



Pointer to the base address to probe and secure.


Specifies the size, in bytes, of the range to secure.


Specifies the most restrictive page protection that is allowed. Use PAGE_READWRITE to specify that the address range must remain both readable and writable, or use PAGE_READONLY to specify that the address range must only remain readable.

ProbeMode Meaning
PAGE_READWRITE Protection cannot be changed to PAGE_NOACCESS or PAGE_READONLY. All other protection changes are allowed.
PAGE_READONLY Protection cannot be changed to PAGE_NOACCESS. All other protection changes are allowed.


Specifies one or more of the following flags:

Flag Description
MM_SECURE_EXCLUSIVE Securing only succeeds if there are no other secures already pinned anywhere onto the VAD in question.
MM_SECURE_NO_CHANGE Once applied, no protection changes are allowed for the supplied virtual address region. The region can still be deleted if the process is exiting.
MM_SECURE_USER_MODE_ONLY The protection specified by this securing will only be applied to subsequent calls from user mode that are trying to change the protection (kernel mode callers will bypass this securing).
MM_SECURE_NO_INHERIT If the process is cloned, then unlike the parent process, VAD of the child process will not be secured.

Return value

Returns a value resembling a handle to be used only to unsecure the range.

If the range could not be locked because of protection problems, noncommitted memory or invalid parameters, this routine returns NULL.


Use MmSecureVirtualMemoryEx instead of **MmSecureVirtualMemory ** if you need to specify MM_SECURE_NO_CHANGE so that no protection change will be allowed on the supplied view.

The return value from this function can only be used with MmUnsecureVirtualMemory. The driver calls that routine to return the range to a normal state.


Minimum supported client Windows 10, version 1809
Header ntddk.h

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