The FSCTL_MANAGE_BYPASS_IO control code controls BypassIO operations on a given file in the filter and file system stacks.

Major code



To perform this operation, call FltFsControlFile or ZwFsControlFile with the following parameters.

Parameter Description
Instance [in] For FltFsControlFile only. An opaque instance pointer for the caller. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.
FileObject [in] For FltFsControlFile only. A file object pointer for the file or directory that is the target of this BypassIO operation request. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.
FileHandle [in] For ZwFsControlFile only. File handle of the file on which the BypassIO operation is being requested. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.
FsControlCode [in] Set to FSCTL_MANAGE_BYPASS_IO.
InputBuffer [in] Pointer to a FS_BPIO_INPUT structure containing information about the BypassIO request.
InputBufferLength [in] Size of the buffer that InputBuffer points to, in bytes.
OutputBuffer [out] Pointer to a FS_BPIO_OUTPUT structure in which to return information about the BypassIO operation.
OutputBufferLength [out] Size of the buffer that OutputBuffer points to, in bytes.

See BypassIO for filter drivers for more information.


Minimum supported client Windows 11
Header ntifs.h

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