IMiniportWavePciStream interface

The IMiniportWavePciStream interface represents the wave stream that flows through a pin on a WavePci filter. The filter wraps a WavePci rendering or capture device and is implemented by pairing a WavePci port driver with a WavePci miniport driver. The miniport driver implements the IMiniportWavePciStream interface and exposes it to the port driver. The miniport driver creates a stream object with this interface when the port driver calls the miniport driver's IMiniportWavePci::NewStream method. IMiniportWavePciStream inherits from the IUnknown interface.

The IMiniportWavePciStream interface provides methods for managing a single stream of incoming or outgoing audio wave data. This is the interface that exposes most of the miniport driver's functionality.


The IMiniportWavePciStream interface inherits from the IUnknown interface.


The IMiniportWavePciStream interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMiniportWavePciStream::GetAllocatorFraming The GetAllocatorFraming method gets the preferred allocator-framing parameters for the stream.
IMiniportWavePciStream::GetPosition The GetPosition method gets the current position of the stream.
IMiniportWavePciStream::MappingAvailable The MappingAvailable method indicates that a new mapping is available.
IMiniportWavePciStream::NormalizePhysicalPosition The NormalizePhysicalPosition method converts a physical buffer position to a time-based value.
IMiniportWavePciStream::RevokeMappings The RevokeMappings method revokes mappings that were previously obtained through IPortWavePciStream::GetMapping.
IMiniportWavePciStream::Service The Service method notifies the miniport driver of a request for service.
IMiniportWavePciStream::SetFormat The SetFormat method sets the KS data format of the wave stream.
IMiniportWavePciStream::SetState The SetState method changes the state of the stream transport.


Target Platform Windows
Header portcls.h