IPrintOemUI2 interface

This section describes the methods defined for the IPrintOemUI2 COM interface.


The IPrintOemUI2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintOemUI2::DocumentEvent The IPrintOemUI2::DocumentEvent method allows a UI plug-in to replace the core driver UI module's default implementation of the DrvDocumentEvent DDI.
IPrintOemUI2::HideStandardUI The IPrintOemUI2::HideStandardUI method allows a user interface plug-in to specify whether the standard property sheets should be displayed or hidden.
IPrintOemUI2::QueryJobAttributes The IPrintOemUI2::QueryJobAttributes method allows a UI plug-in to postprocess the core driver's results after a call to the DrvQueryJobAttributes DDI.


Target Platform Windows
Header prcomoem.h