SdpCreateNodeString function (sdplib.h)

The Bluetooth SdpCreateNodeString function is used to allocate and initialize an SDP_NODE structure to a string type.


PSDP_NODE SdpCreateNodeString(
  [in] PCHAR string,
       ULONG stringLength,
  [in] ULONG tag


[in] string

A pointer to the string value to initialize the SDP_NODE structure.


An unsigned long integer value that holds the length of the string.

[in] tag

A profile driver defined tag to associate with the node.

Return value

If successful, this function returns a pointer to the newly allocated SDP_NODE structure. If not successful, this function returns NULL.


After the SdpCreateNodeString function allocates an SDP_NODE structure, it initializes the structure in the following ways.

It ensures that the SDP_NODE structure's data type and data size fields are set appropriately.

It ensures that the pointer members of the associated SDP_NODE_HEADER structure are initialized to point to the node itself. This creates a valid list with only one element.

It ensures that the value parameter passed to the function is copied to the appropriate element of the SDP_NODE_DATA union that is associated with the SDP_NODE structure.

The data associated with the SdpCreateNodeString function is copied into the node, and the original data can be freed at any time.

Bluetooth profile drivers can obtain a pointer to this function through the BTHDDI_SDP_NODE_INTERFACE.


Minimum supported client Versions:_Supported in Windows Vista, and later.
Target Platform Desktop
Header sdplib.h (include BthSdpddi.h)

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