IStiDevice::DeviceReset method

The IStiDevice::DeviceReset method resets a still image device to a known state.


HRESULT DeviceReset();


This method has no parameters.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the method returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns one of the STIERR-prefixed error codes defined in stierr.h.


The IStiDevice::DeviceReset method resets the device by calling IStiUSD::DeviceReset, which is exported by vendor-supplied minidrivers.

Before calling IStiDevice::DeviceReset, clients of the IStiDevice COM interface must call IStillImage::CreateDevice to obtain an IStiDevice interface pointer, which provides access to a specified device.

A call to IStiDevice::DeviceReset must be preceded by a call to IStiDevice::LockDevice and followed by a call to IStiDevice::UnLockDevice.


Target Platform Desktop
Header sti.h (include Sti.h)