IWiaDrvItem::GetDeviceSpecContext method (wiamindr_lh.h)

The IWiaDrvItem::GetDeviceSpecContext method gets a device-specific context.


HRESULT GetDeviceSpecContext(
  BYTE **__MIDL__IWiaDrvItem0001



ppSpecContext [out, optional]

Points to a memory location that will receive the address of a device-specific context.

Return value

If the method succeeds, it stores a pointer to the device-specific context in ppSpecContext and returns S_OK. If the method fails because the parameter ppSpecContext specifies an invalid pointer, the method returns E_INVALIDARG. If the method fails for another reason, it returns a standard COM error code.


Minidrivers typically use this method to obtain a pointer to a device-specific context associated with an IWiaDrvItem item. The device-specific context is associated with the item when the item is created using the driver services library function wiasCreateDrvItem.


Target Platform Desktop
Header wiamindr_lh.h (include Wiamindr.h)

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