The IOCTL_SMARTCARD_IS_ABSENT control code returns immediately with STATUS_SUCCESS if no smart card is currently detected. If smart cards are detected, the IOCTL needs to be pended by the driver and it needs to complete the request on card departure. Closing the file handle automatically unsubscribes the event.

Major code


Input buffer


Output buffer


Status block

Irp->IoStatus.Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS if the request is successful. Possible error codes are:

Return Code Description
STATUS_PENDING This code is returned when the attribute ID is SCARD_ATTR_DEVICE_IN_USE.
STATUS_DEVICE_BUSY This code is returned if the operation is already waiting for the absent event.
STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE This code is returned if the device cannot accept the request.
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER This code is returned when the input or output buffers are invalid.
STATUS_DEVICE_POWERED_OFF This code is returned when the proximity radio control is off.


The following actions are required when using this IOCTL:

  • The driver must support CancelIo on this pended IOCTL.

  • It is a power-managed request. The pended IOCTL will keep the driver in D0 power state.


Header winsmcrd.h

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