; (Command Separator)

The semicolon ( ; ) character is used to separate multiple commands on a single line.

    Command1 ; Command2 [; Command3 ...] 


Command1, Command2, ...
The commands to be executed.


Commands are executed sequentially from left to right. All commands on a single line refer to the current thread, unless otherwise specified. If a command causes the thread to execute, the remaining commands on the line will be deferred until that thread stops on a debug event.

A small number of commands cannot be followed by a semicolon, because they automatically take the entire remainder of the line as their argument. These include as (Set Alias), $< (Run Script File), $>< (Run Script File), and any command beginning with the * (Comment Line Specifier) token.

Here is an example. This executes the current program to source line 123, prints the value of counter, then resumes execution:

0:000> g `:123`; ? poi(counter); g