||s (Set Current System)

The ||s command sets or displays the current system number.

||System s 
|| s 

Do not confuse this command with the s (Search Memory), ~s (Change Current Processor), ~s (Set Current Thread), or |s (Set Current Process) command.


Specifies the system number to activate. For more information about the syntax, see System Syntax.



Multiple target debugging


Live, crash dump




The ||s command is useful when you are debugging multiple targets or working with multiple dump files. For more information about these kinds of sessions, see Debugging Multiple Targets.

If you use the ||s syntax, the debugger displays information about the current system.

This command also disassembles the current instruction for the current system, process, and thread.

Note There are complications, when you debug live targets and dump targets together, because commands behave differently for each type of debugging. For example, if you use the g (Go) command when the current system is a dump file, the debugger begins executing, but you cannot break back into the debugger, because the break command is not recognized as valid for dump file debugging.