!amli find

The !amli find extension finds an ACPI namespace object.


!amli find Name


Specifies the name of the namespace object (without the path).



Additional Information

For information about related commands and their uses, see The AMLI Debugger.


The !amli find command takes the name of the object and returns the full path and name. The Name parameter must be the final segment of the full path and name.

Here are some examples. The following command will find all declarations of the object _SRS:

kd> !amli find _srs

This is not simply a text search. The command !amli find srs does not display any hits, because the final segment of each of these declarations is "_SRS", not "SRS". The command !amli find LNK similarly does not return hits. The command !amli find LNKB would display the single node that terminates in "LNKB", not the four children of this node shown in the previous display:

kd> !amli find lnkb

If you need to see the children of a node, use the !amli dns command with the /s parameter.

Here is another example, issued from the AMLI Debugger prompt. This shows all declarations of the object _BST in the namespace:

AMLI(? for help)-> find _bst

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