!amli u

The !amli u extension unassembles AML code.


!amli u [ MethodName | CodeAddress ]


Specifies the full path of the method name to be disassembled.

Specifies the address of the AML code where disassembly will begin. If CodeAddress is prefixed with two percent signs (%%), it is interpreted as a physical address. Otherwise, it is interpreted as a virtual address.



Additional Information

For information about related commands and their uses, see The AMLI Debugger.


If neither MethodName nor CodeAddress is specified and you are issuing this command from an AMLI

The disassembly display will continue until the end of the method is reached.

Note The standard u (Unassemble) command will not give proper results with AML code.

Here are some examples. To disassemble the object at address 0x80E5D701, use the following command:

kd> !amli u 80e5d701

ffffffff80e5d701 : CreateWordField(CRES, 0x1, IRQW)
ffffffff80e5d70c : And(\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.PIRA, 0xf, Local0)
ffffffff80e5d723 : Store(One, Local1)
ffffffff80e5d726 : ShiftLeft(Local1, Local0, IRQW)
ffffffff80e5d72d : Return(CRES)

The following command will disassemble the _DCK method:

kd> u \_sb.pci0.dock._dck

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