.createdir (Set Created Process Directory)

The .createdir command controls the starting directory and handle inheritance for any processes created by the debugger.

.createdir [-i | -I] [Path] 


Causes processes created by the debugger to inherit handles from the debugger. This is the default.

Prevents processes created by the debugger from inheriting handles from the debugger.

Specifies the starting directory for all child processes created by any target process. If Path contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.



user mode only


live debugging only




If .createdir is used with no parameters, the current starting directory and handle inheritance status are displayed.

If .createdir has never been used, any created process will use its usual default directory as its starting directory. If you have already set a path with .createdir and want to return to the default status, use .createdir "" with nothing inside the quotation marks.

The .createdir setting affects all processes created by .create (Create Process). It also affects processes created by WinDbg's File | Open Executable menu command, unless the Start directory text box is used to override this setting.