The !dbgprint extension displays a string that was previously sent to the DbgPrint buffer.



Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


Additional Information

For information about DbgPrint, KdPrint, DbgPrintEx, and KdPrintEx, see Sending Output to the Debugger.


The kernel-mode routines DbgPrint, KdPrint, DbgPrintEx, and KdPrintEx send a formatted string to a buffer on the target computer. The string is automatically displayed in the Debugger Command window on the host computer unless such printing has been disabled.

Generally, messages sent to this buffer are displayed automatically in the Debugger Command window. However, this display can be disabled through the Global Flags (gflags.exe) utility. Moreover, this display does not automatically appear during local kernel debugging. For more information, see The DbgPrint Buffer.

The !dbgprint extension causes the contents of this buffer to be displayed (regardless of whether automatic printing has been disabled). It will not show messages that have been filtered out based on their component and importance level. (For details on this filtering, see Reading and Filtering Debugging Messages.)