.dumpcab (Create Dump File CAB)

The .dumpcab command creates a CAB file containing the current dump file.

.dumpcab [-a] CabName 


Causes all currently loaded symbols to be included in the CAB file. For minidumps, all loaded images will be included as well. Use lml to determine which symbols and images are loaded.

The CAB file name, including extension. CabName can include an absolute or relative path; relative paths are relative to the directory in which the debugger was started. It is recommended that you choose the extension .cab.



user mode, kernel mode


crash dump



Additional Information

For more details on crash dumps, see Crash Dump Files.


This command can only be used if you are already debugging a dump file.

If you are debugging a live target and want to create a dump file and place it in a CAB, you should use the .dump (Create Dump File) command. Next, start a new debugging session with the dump file as its target, and use .dumpcab.

The .dumpcab command cannot be used to place multiple dump files into one CAB file.

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