!eb, !ed

The !eb and !ed extensions write a sequence of values into a specified physical address.

These extension commands should not be confused with the e* (Enter Values) command.

!eb [Flag] PhysicalAddress Data [ ... ] 
!ed [Flag] PhysicalAddress Data [ ... ]


Can be any one of the following values. The Flag value must be surrounded by square brackets:

Writes to cached memory.

Writes to uncached memory.

Writes to write-combined memory.

Specifies the first physical address on the target computer to which the data will be written, in hexadecimal.

Specifies one or more values to be written sequentially into physical memory. Enter these values in hexadecimal format. For the !eb extension, each value must be 1 byte (two hexadecimal digits). For the !ed extension, each value must be one DWORD (eight hexadecimal digits). You can include any number of Data values on one line. To separate multiple values, use commas or spaces.


Windows 2000

Kext.dll Kdextx86.dll

Windows XP and later


Additional Information

To read physical memory, use the !d\* extensions. For an overview of memory manipulation and a description of other memory-related commands, see Reading and Writing Memory.