The !errpkt extension displays the contents of a Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) hardware error packet.

!errpkt Address 


Specifies the address of the hardware error packet.


Windows 2000


Windows XP


Windows Server 2003


Windows Vista and later


This extension can be used only in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

Additional Information

The !whea and !errrec extensions can be used to display additional WHEA information. For general information about WHEA, see Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA) in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation.


The following example shows the output of the !errpkt extension:

3: kd> !errpkt fffffa8007cf44da 
   WHEA Error Packet Info Section (@ fffffa8007cf44da)
   Flags            : 0x00000000
   Size             : 0x218
   RawDataLength    : 0x392
   Context          : 0x0000000000000000
   ErrorType        : 0x0 - Processor
   ErrorSeverity    : 0x1 - Fatal
   ErrorSourceId    : 0x0
   ErrorSourceType  : 0x0 - MCE
   Version          : 00000002
   Cpu              : 0000000000000002
   RawDataFormat    : 0x2 - Intel64 MCA

   Raw Data         : Located @ FFFFFA8007CF45F2

Processor Error: (Internal processor error)
This error means either the processor is damaged or perhaps
voltage and/or temperature thresholds have been exceeded.
If the problem continues to occur, replace the processor.
Processor Number : 2
Bank Number      : 0
   Status  :                0
   Address : 0000000000000000 (I)
   Misc    : 0000000000000000 (I)