The !iovirp extension displays detailed information for a specified I/O Verifier IRP.

!iovirp [IRP]


Specifies the address of an IRP tracked by the Driver Verifier. If IRP is 0 or is omitted, the summary information for each outstanding IRP is displayed.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Here is an example of the output from this extension:

kd> !iovirp 947cef68
IovPacket       84509af0
TrackedIrp      947cef68
HeaderLock      84509d61
LockIrql        0
ReferenceCount  1
PointerCount    1
HeaderFlags     00000000
ChainHead       84509af0
Flags           00200009
DepartureIrql   0
ArrivalIrql     0
StackCount      1
QuotaCharge     00000000
QuotaProcess    0
RealIrpCompletionRoutine        0
RealIrpControl                  0
RealIrpContext                  0
TopStackLocation        2
PriorityBoost           0
LastLocation            0
RefTrackingCount        0
SystemDestVA            0
VerifierSettings        84509d08
pIovSessionData         84509380
Allocation Stack:
  nt!IovAllocateIrp+1a  (817df356)
 nt!IopXxxControlFile+40c  (8162de20)
  nt!NtDeviceIoControlFile+2a  (81633090)
 nt!KiFastCallEntry+164  (81513c64)
  nt!EtwpFlushBuffer+10f  (817606d7)
  nt!EtwpFlushBuffersWithMarker+bd  (817608cb)
  nt!EtwpFlushActiveBuffers+2b4  (81760bc2)
  nt!EtwpLogger+213  (8176036f)

You can stop execution at any point by pressing CTRL+BREAK (in WinDbg) or CTRL+C (in KD).