The !ivt extension displays the Itanium interrupt vector table.

!ivt [-v] [-a] [Vector] 
!ivt -? 

Important This command has been deprecated in the Windows Debugger Version 10.0.14257 and later, and is no longer available.


Specifies an interrupt vector table entry for the current processor. If Vector is omitted, the entire interrupt vector table for the current processor on the target computer is displayed. Interrupt vectors that have not been assigned are not displayed unless the -a option is specified.

Displays all interrupt vectors, including those that are unassigned.

Displays detailed output.

Displays help for this extension in the Debugger Command window.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


This extension command can only be used with an Itanium target computer.

Additional Information

For more information about how to display the interrupt dispatch tables on an x64 or x86 target computer, see !idt.


Here is an example of the output from this extension:

kd> !ivt

Dumping IA64 IVT:

00:e000000083005f60 nt!KiPassiveRelease
0f:e000000083576830 hal!HalpPCIISALine2Pin
10:e0000000830067f0 nt!KiApcInterrupt
20:e000000083006790 nt!KiDispatchInterrupt
30:e000000083576b30 hal!HalpCMCIHandler
31:e000000083576b20 hal!HalpCPEIHandler
41:e000000085039680 i8042prt!I8042KeyboardInterruptService (KINTERRUPT e000000085039620)
51:e000000085039910 i8042prt!I8042MouseInterruptService (KINTERRUPT e0000000850398b0)
61:e0000000854484f0 VIDEOPRT!pVideoPortInterrupt (KINTERRUPT e000000085448490)
71:e0000000856c9450 NDIS!ndisMIsr (KINTERRUPT e0000000856c93f0)
81:e0000000857fd000 SCSIPORT!ScsiPortInterrupt (KINTERRUPT e0000000857fcfa0)
91:e0000000857ff510 atapi!IdePortInterrupt (KINTERRUPT e0000000857ff4b0)
a1:e0000000857d84b0 atapi!IdePortInterrupt (KINTERRUPT e0000000857d8450)
a2:e0000165fff2cab0 portcls!CInterruptSyncServiceRoutine (KINTERRUPT e0000165fff2ca50)
b1:e0000000858c7460 ACPI!ACPIInterruptServiceRoutine (KINTERRUPT e0000000858c7400)
b2:e0000000850382e0 USBPORT!USBPORT_InterruptService (KINTERRUPT e000000085038280)
d0:e0000000835768d0 hal!HalpClockInterrupt
e0:e000000083576850 hal!HalpIpiInterruptHandler
f0:e0000000835769c0 hal!HalpProfileInterrupt
f1:e000000083576830 hal!HalpPCIISALine2Pin
fd:e000000083576b10 hal!HalpMcRzHandler
fe:e000000083576830 hal!HalpPCIISALine2Pin

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