.lines (Toggle Source Line Support)

The .lines command enables or disables support for source-line information.

.lines [-e|-d|-t]


Enables source line support.

Disables source line support.

Turns source line support on or off. If you do not specify parameters for .lines, the default behavior of the .lines command is this switching of source line support.



User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump



Additional Information

For more information about source debugging and related commands, see Debugging in Source Mode.


You must enable source line support before you can perform source-level debugging. This support enables the debugger to load source line symbols.

You can enable source line support by using the .lines command or the -lines command-line option. If source line support is already enabled, using the .lines command disables this support.

By default, if you do not use the .lines command, WinDbg turns on source line support, and console debuggers (KD, CDB, NTSD) turn off the support. For more information about how to change this setting, see Setting Symbol Options.

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