The !ndiskd.minidriver command displays information about an NDIS miniport driver. If you run this extension with no parameters, !ndiskd will display a list of NDIS miniport drivers that are active on the system.

!ndiskd.minidriver [-handle <x>] [-basic] [-miniports] [-devices] [-handlers] 


Handle of an NDIS miniport driver.

Displays basic information about the miniport driver.

Displays the miniports associated with this miniport driver.

Displays devices associated with this miniport driver.

Displays this driver's miniport handlers.




Enter the !ndiskd.minidriver command with no parameters to get a list of all NDIS miniport drivers active on the system. In the following example, look for the kdnic adapter's handle, ffffd20d12dec020

1: kd> !ndiskd.minidriver -basic
    ffffd20d173deae0 - tunnel
    ffffd20d12dec020 - kdnic

Using the handle for the kdnic adapter, you can now click on the handle or enter the !ndiskd.minidriver -handle command to see detailed information for the tunnel miniport driver, as well as a list of miniports associated with it.

1: kd> !ndiskd.minidriver ffffd20d12dec020



    Ndis handle        ffffd20d12dec020    [type it]
    Driver context     fffff80d2fa15100
    DRIVER_OBJECT      ffffd20d12dee540
    Driver image       kdnic.sys
    Registry path      \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\kdnic
    Reference Count    2
    Flags              [No flags set]


    ffffd20d12dd71a0 - Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter

    Device objects

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