.nvload (NatVis Load)

The .nvload command loads a NatVis file into the debugger environment. After the visualization is loaded, it will be used to render data defined in the visualization.

.nvload FileName|ModuleName   


FileName | ModuleName
Specifies the NatVis file name or module name to load.

The FileName is the explicit name of a .natvis file to load. A fully qualified path can be used.

The ModuleName is the name of a module in the target process being debugged. All NatVis files which are embedded within the symbol file (PDB) of the named module name are loaded, if there are any available.



User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump



Additional Information

For more information, see Writing debugger type visualizers for C++ using .natvis files.

See also

dx (Display NatVis Expression)