The !rcdrkd.rcdrloglist extension displays a list of the recorder logs owned by a driver or a set of drivers.

!rcdrkd.rcdrloglist DriverName [DriverName ...]


The name of a driver, not including the .sys extension.




This command is relevant only for drivers that log messages to different logs by using the WppRecorder API.


The following example displays a list of all recorder logs owned by the USB 3.0 host controller driver (usbxhci.sys).

3: kd> !rcdrloglist usbxhci
Log dump command                           Log ID                   Size
================                           ======                   ====
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005ff2b60  03 SLT02 DCI04           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005ff2010  03 SLT02 DCI03           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005b36010  03 SLT01 DCI03           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005b379e0  03 SLT01 DCI04           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005b33350  03 SLT02 DCI01           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005b2bb60  03 SLT01 DCI01           1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005a2bb60  03 CMD                   1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005a1ab60  03 INT00                 1024
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005085330  03 RUNDOWN               512
!rcdrlogdump  usbxhci -a fffffa8005311780  03 1033 0194             1024

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