The !usb3kd.port_info command displays information about a USB port in the USB 3.0 tree.

!usb3kd.port_info PortContext


Address of a _PORT_CONTEXT structure.




To obtain the address of the port context, look at the output of the !usb_tree command. In the following example, the address of a port context is 0xfffffa8005abe0c0.

3: kd> !usb_tree

## Dumping HUB Tree - !drvObj 0xfffffa800597f770

1)  !xhci_info 0xfffffa80051d1940  ... - PCI: VendorId ...
    !hub_info 0xfffffa8005ad92d0 (ROOT)
        !port_info 0xfffffa8005abe0c0 !device_info 0xfffffa8005abd0c0 Desc: ... USB Flash Drive Speed: Super

Now you can pass the address of the port context to the !port_info command.

3: kd> !port_info 0xfffffa8005abe0c0

## Dumping Port Context 0xfffffa8005abe0c0
dt USBHUB3!_PORT_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005abe0c0
!hub_info 0xfffffa8005ad92d0 (dt _HUB_FDO_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005ad92d0)
!device_info 0xfffffa8005abd0c0 (dt _DEVICE_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005abd0c0)
!rcdrlogdump usbhub3 -a 0xfffffa8005abf6b0

PortNumber: 2
Last Port Status(3.0): Connected Enabled Powered
Last Port Change: <none>

CurrentPortEvent: PsmEventPortConnectChange
Current Port(3.0) State: ConnectedEnabled.WaitingForPortChangeEvent

Port(3.0) State History: <Event> NewState (<Operation>(),..) :

    [34] <Push> WaitingForPortChangeEvent 
Port Event History:
    [ 8] TransferSuccess

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