The !usbkd.ehci_info_from_fdo command displays information about a USB host controller.

!usbkd.ehci_info_from_fdo fdo


Address of the functional device object (FDO) of a UHCI or EHCI USB host controller. You can get the address of the FDO from the output of the !usb2tree command.




First use the !usb2tree command to get the address of the FDO.

0: kd> !usbkd.usb2tree

EHCI MINIPORT(s) dt usbport!_USBPORT_MINIPORT_DRIVER ffffe00001f48bd0

1)!ehci_info ffffe00001ca11a0 !devobj ffffe00001ca1050 PCI: VendorId 8086 DeviceId 293c RevisionId 0002 

In the preceding output, you can see that the address of the FDO of the USB host controller is ffffe00001ca1050. Pass the address of the FDO to !ehci_info_from_fdo.

0: kd> !usbkd.ehci_info_from_fdo ffffe00001ca1050

HC Flavor 1000  FDO ffffe00001ca1050
Root Hub: FDO ffffe00002320050 !hub2_info ffffe000023201a0
Operational Registers ffffd000228bf020
Device Data ffffe00001ca2da0
dt USBPORT!_FDO_EXTENSION ffffe00001ca15a0
DM Timer Flags ffffe00001ca16d4
FDO Flags ffffe00001ca16d0
HCD Log ffffe00001ca11a0

DeviceHandleList: !usblist ffffe00001ca23b8, DL 
DeviceHandleDeletedList: !usblist ffffe00001ca23c8, DL [Empty]
GlobalEndpointList: !usblist ffffe00001ca2388, EP 
EpNeoStateChangeList: !usblist ffffe00001ca2370, SC [Empty]
GlobalTtListHead: !usblist ffffe00001ca23a8, TT [Empty]
BusContextHead: !usblist ffffe00001ca16b0, BC 

## Pending Requests

[001] dt USBPORT!_USB_IOREQUEST_CONTEXT ffffe00001ca1450 Tag: AddD Obj: ffffe00001ca11a0

## XDPC List

01) dt USBPORT!_XDPC_CONTEXT ffffe00001ca1f18

## PnP FUNC HISTORY (latest at bottom)


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