The !usbkd.usbhcdlist command displays information about all USB host controllers that are represented by the USB port driver (Usbport.sys). For information about the USB port driver and the associated miniport drivers, see USB Driver Stack Architecture.





Here is an example of a portion of the output of !usbhcdlist.

0: kd> !usbkd.usbhcdlist
MINIPORT List @ fffff80001e5bbd0

## List of UHCI controllers

!drvobj ffffe00002000060 dt USBPORT!_USBPORT_MINIPORT_DRIVER ffffe00001f48010 Registration Packet ffffe00001f48048


## List of EHCI controllers

!drvobj ffffe00001fd33a0 dt USBPORT!_USBPORT_MINIPORT_DRIVER ffffe00001f48bd0 Registration Packet ffffe00001f48c08

01. Xxxxx Corporation PCI: VendorID Xxxx DeviceID Xxxx RevisionId 0002
    !devobj ffffe00001ca1050
    !ehci_info ffffe00001ca11a0
    Operational Registers ffffd000228bf020
    Device Data ffffe00001ca2da0
    !usbhcdlog ffffe00001ca11a0
    nt!_KINTERRUPT ffffe000020abe78
    Device Capabilities ffffe00001ca135c
    Pending IRP's: 0, Transfers: 0 (Periodic(0), Async(0))

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