The !wdfkd.wdfumirps extension displays the list of pending user-mode I/O request packets (UM IRPs) in the implicit process.

!wdfkd.wdfumirps NumberOfIrps Flags


Optional. Specifies the number of pending UM IRPs to display information about. If NumberOfIrps is an asterisk (*) or is omitted, all UM IRPs will be displayed.

Optional. Specifies the type of information to be displayed. Flags can be any combination of the following bits. The default value is 0x01.

Bit 0 (0x01)
Displays details about the pending IRPs.





Additional Information

For more information, see Kernel-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.


You can use this command in a kernel-mode debugging session or in a user-mode debugging session that is attached to the UMDF host process (wudfhost.exe).

This command displays the same information as the user-mode command !wudfext.umirps.

You can use !process to get a list of all UMDF host processes, and you can use .process to set the implicit process to one of the UMDF host processes. For a detailed example, see !wdfkd.wdfumdevstacks.

Here is an example of the output of !wdfkd.wdfumirps.

0: kd> !wdfkd.wdfumirps
Number of pending IRPS: 0x4
####  CWudfIrp     Current Type           UniqueId KernelIrp         Device Stack
----  ----------------  --------------------------------------------------  ----
0000  1ab9e90c40   WdfRequestUndefined        0     0                 1ab9eaa6d0
0001  1ab9ebfa90   WdfRequestInternalIoctl    0     0                 1ab9eaa6d0
0002  1ab9ebfd10   WdfRequestInternalIoctl    0     0                 1ab9eaa6d0
0003  1ab9eae370   Power (WAIT_WAKE)          0     ffffe00000c53010  1ab9eaa6d0